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Best triathlon watch?


Some of the more eagle eyed among you may have noticed my post about the new Garmin 405. This watch is arguably a great watch, but it got me thinking, it still isn't perfect, you can not swim in it and it's not a multisport watch. Yes I know the 305 is but that still isn't waterproof.

So I know the perfect product probably just doesn't exist, and we all have different preferences when it comes to killer features we can not live without. But what for you is the best triathlon watch and why. This may be a number products, such as you use a watch to swim, but a bike computer of some sort and then the watch again for the run.

Obviously this is all to help me work out which might be the best all rounder.


  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314

    Maybe this previous thread contains something usefull.


  • apnoeaapnoea Posts: 16
    Hi grant

    have u considered suunto. the t6 is an awesome bit of kit, but does come with a steep price tag. it is water resistant up to 100m.

    GPS ,cadence and foot pods need to be purchased separately, and i think the pc download pod needs seperate purchase as well.

    A (fairly) recent review in 220 mentioned that suunto gps was not as good as garmin in heavy tree cover/forest areas, but that was a diff model and i'm not sure how good this gps is. other disadvantage is gps pod is separate to the watch and is worn on the arm.

    That said i have a suunto dive watch(stinger) and it is awesome. i don't think there is much competition as far as dive watches go....suunto is miles ahead, and if they have brought this thru to the hrm/personal trainer type watches, then it should be fab!!!

    the t6 is v complicated and essentially a "personal trainer" and measures all sorts of wierd and wonderfuls to download and analyse after ur workout. if u need less, there are lesser specced models out there...ie the t4,t3 etc.

    worth having a look at, and possibly contacting a dealer to have a chat about things

    hope this helps

  • grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262
    Thanks Cath,

    Will check it out, do you know if the GPS data can be transferred to other training logs such as motionbased? Plus can the data be retrieved by Mac's?
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