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nutrition for training and life


I've been training a while now with my local club, and I feel I am improving in all areas, but the weight is not really dropping off like I hoped its might. I suppose if I'm honest, I'm probably about a stone over weight, I would really like to loose this before I start the speed sessions next year.

So I've been thinking you can never eat to healthily, and I believe I keep a pretty good diet. However, I'm sure everyone seeks inspiration from time to time. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a book which yes tells me about nutrition and what I should and should not be eating, but also has loads of good, quick recipes.

Any ideas?



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    Hi grant. Ive just been lent (and am going to buy my own) a book called eat to compete,released by the Running fitness magazine people.

    Although its aimed at runners it will certainly cover a triathletes needs. Its basically a book full of Q&A's on nutrition from readers so its all in laymans terms. You can open it at any page and find something of interest.Well worth a look if you're trying to avoid stuff that gets way too technical.

    Published by kelsey books.

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