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Supplements, Friend of foe?


In this months magazine I spotted an advert for Science in Sport products, and I checked out there web site. They have various products claiming various things.

So has anyone brought any of there products, what do you think, waste of money or helpful.



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    Have used their Go gel, isotonic gel. Was excellent not sickly> used it as soon as I get on the bike leg and another one on the run.

    I would like to know the best supplements to take after training. A friend has started using a maxi muscle supplemnet which aids muscle recovery and gives your body all the stuff it needs after traing any thoughts anybody
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    All I can say is research if your not sure....
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    i have been taking a recover drink each night. i train about an hour and half of cardio five to six times a week with a bit of LME every two days. is it worth it or would a balanced diet cover my needs.


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    As a Herbalife Distributor I am going to be biased but you need to fuel your body, especially as a sports person. Your body needs a balance of fuel including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals etc and it is very hard to source what you need without supplementation. I use the Herbalife products and they give me great results, and I am sure the SIS products are of a high quality also. The way to find out for yourself is to use the products - again I am biased but we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee!
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    husslerhussler Posts: 237
    I use High 5 4:1 and High 5 Extreme for training, High 5 Electrolyte for racing, as i find the high 5 stuff the only products that dont give me stomach cramps etc...but saying that i use the SIS Rego as my recovery drink it is excellent. I also use Nuun electrolyte tablets every now and then too, if i want to replace electrolytes only and not have carbs or protein [:)].

    I also use the High 5 gels... At the end of the day it is upto yourself if you believe all the scientific mumbo jumbo but i would recommend using they are definately my friend!! haha

    Another reason why i use high 5 products is that when i was in Lanzarote training earlier in the year, our club had a 'special' chat with the guy who is in charge of SIS as our head coach knows him and all he could do was slag off every other manufacturer and claim that they didnt work and that SIS were the only brand to use, so just out of the principle of him being a complete w**ker put me off.[:D]
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    how do the likes of lucozade/powerade/gatorade compare to these more expensive products? SIS etc is all well and good on bike but on runs I prefer to carry as little as possible and buy a drink at the halfway point.

    Also heard magic things about chocolate milk, is it really as good as supps?
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    ld like to know the best supplements to take
    according to me , if i buy a goods on-line,

    first i will see the RANK of the website and the PR, if the rank very good , most time ,the quality assurance.

    second ,Browse sites for information. Some sites offer products made by known manufacturers while others have their own distributor that make the pieces for sale.

    third, Read information on guarantees, secure ordering and returns.

    just a suggestion, hope for help[;)]
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