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moving up

Hey, I have a couple of questions. First off, has anyone out there done the NZ Roturua half ironman, http://www.half.co.nz/ , second question would be to ask anyone that has converted from olympic distance to half or full ironman what they felt the big challenges were ? Also interested to understand the concepts behind fuelling during the event, I didnt use anything in Olympic or sprint apart from liquid, so interested to hear if anyone uses vitamin supps ? Cheers, and great web site !


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    Hi mate,

    I suppose I moved up last year. Going from Olympic and Half to Full IM Distance. The main change for me is the constant nutrition issue. On an Olympic you can get away with missing food and water stops, and maybe the same on the Half. But on a full IM for me, I have to religiously make sure I hit every stop. I did have a Camel Pak ready for the run but in the end did not use it. Supplements I have used are Viper Tablets. I used them last year and they are great for me, my friend also used them and said the same. I will be using them again this year.

    Apart from that mate, its just a bit longer and harder, but just as much fun.

    Anyhow, have you ever been to Governors Bay?

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    grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262
    Viper Tablets?

    What are they, do you have a link?

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    tacp616tacp616 Posts: 2
    thanks for that mate, I take it from the name you are ex 264 ? My best man was YoS there for a time, I was there for a short while doing some build up training (hereford) will have a look around for those supps, N.Z. isnt great for shopping around!
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