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Richmond Park fashion show

there was a bloke of about 65 riding round Richond Park for two hrs today with his shirt off!

Another delightful specimen had gone for just his bib longs.

Myself, about five layers plus shoe covers.


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    Hey Rob,

    Have seen very similar sights there myself. On a slight digression, would you consider the richmond park route to be hilly or rolling, I am currently training for IMUk and am not very confident on roads so doing more training in the park at the moment, just find my HR can be a bit erratic there. My training plan often calls for rolling terrain and it's not that easy to find around london...


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    rob4rob4 Posts: 13
    Of the night, I am also trainning for Sherborne and since I live in Ealing use the quality, uninterrupted miles you can get in in Richmond Park the whole time. And funnily enough I was rereading Joe Friel's Tri Bible book the other day in search of an answer to this exact question. The man Friel says if you aim to do a zone 2 ride, then your average heart rate mustbe in zone 2. You can let it climb higher as you haul your a*** over that hill at the back of the park. Just make sure the averge readout at the end is somewhere in the right area.

    Despite the heartrate spikes I suppose the park is of the 'rolling' variety. It's def more rolling than Box Hill anyway!

    For the best rolling type terrain round London I would recommend Essex, great riding and actually only an hour's bike from Waterloo, through Hackney and Walthmstow, but too much hassle from Ealing!

    See you round the park sometime - I'm the one going about 10mph to ensure I can hit a zone 2 average at the end.

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    I saw them as well- made me laugh.

    i had far too many layers on and was regretting it but never going to go for the long bib only option! thankfully i was actually overtaking the old dude.

    of the night - (not wanting to patronise or anything if you know all this / have a few routes already!) there are some quite good rides that go from richmond park detailed on the serpentine club website (in the training section, don't think you have to be a member to access), they start / finish in richmond park (a couple out to surrey round boxhill, and a couple of flatter ones out to windsor). the club do these on sundays - if you need a group join up!

    another place i've found a couple of good routes is bikely.com . can take a little searching (it covers the whole world!). you can also create your own in a gmap pedometer style but it also shows elevation profiles so you can see the hills

    in the meantime am also base training for ironman (France though) so see you slowly round richmond!
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