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Ironman: the bog

After a day on the bike ramming bananas down my gullet, I usually need to unload big time when I get home.

How does one go about this when in the midst of an IM?

1. Are there bogs in T2 at the Sherborne event?

2. Were the queues lengthy?

3. Do experienced Ironmanners take bog roll on the run?


  • At Austria last year I used the bog in transition (no queue but then I was a back marker) but plenty of other people were just dropping it by the side of the road, in any available bush. I wouldn't worry about it. When you're racing you won't give a toss where you go. Plus, doesn't the IMUK run go through woods? I had a discreet dump in the woods at Vitruvian last year too - no problem.

    If you're more civilized than me you could carry a few pieces of bogroll in your trisuit.

  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    I work in construction. Most places where new buildings are put dont have toilets or so installed yet. Sometimes there even aren't wall; just struts and the roof where we work on. I know from experience it is not so difficult to do it in the first place you can find.

    So like Ironjohn says, dont worry too much about it; if you have to go, it will be no problem.[X(][:D]
  • pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    Hey there, at the uk event there a good few portaloos along the course. I made use of the facilities at the turnaround on the dual carriageway during the run, I reckon it cost me at least five minutes! For the more sensitive out there, you can carry a few baby wipes in a small plastic bag as(s) an emergency - they don't weigh anything and they're useful in a number of situations.
  • rob4rob4 Posts: 13
    Thanks for all advice on this important subject. I'm sure nature will take its course, as Paula R will no doubt attest.
  • jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    I'm glad somebody else asked this! i was worried about it too as straight after a swim i usually need to go![&:]
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