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Recovery nutrition

I need some advice. I am currently using maximuscle recovermax after most of my training, is it working maybe maybe not. I would like to hear if anyone thinks its any good or if they have some alternatives. I realise I could just eat more but I need something quick and something that will help to keep the weight off.



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    Check out the latest edition of 220. They sing the praises of milk and in particular chocolate milkshake. I`ve just started using their recipe of 500ml skimmed milk one banana and a gert big dessertspoon of honey. Blend it all up and neck it within the magic half hour post work out. (However, a lot of the research is funded by milk based industries so its not without its cynics!!)

    Either way its got a good ratio of carbs:protein and its a lot nicer than some of the recovery powders I`ve tried in the past.

    Cheap n all!!!

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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Mmmmmmmmmmm food, best recovery nutrition there is.
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