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wetsuits help!!

Hello out there.

Can anyone advise on a good (cheap) Tri-wetsuit??? Just done my first Sprint and think I may be hooked. I am hoping to start swimming in the sea after being relocated to the Dorset coastal area with work.

Cheers in advance




  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    There are many wetsuits out there, but I think personally the best value for money is the bottom level, mid level out of the Orca Westuits. I have an Orca S2, which is great.

    If you don't mind waiting when the Tri season ends, then prices drop dramatically due to trying to get rid of old stock. So that is normally a good way to hunt down a bargain.

    Another reason for waiting to the end of season, is due to retirements from the sport, and the ones who have tried, but don't like it.

    Hope that helps.

  • sutcc0sutcc0 Posts: 2
    Cheers Jason

    Will bear this in mind

  • It depends on what you mean by cheap ???? Last year was my first in open water tri's and I bought a bottom of the range QR and that seemed like a really good suit. This year I upgraded to the mid range QR (HYDROFULL) but bought last years model as they were cheaper and couldn't believe the difference.

    So think fit and comfort over price or you may end up suffering in the water !!!!!!

    Hope this is of some help

  • LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    I've got an Orca S1 which I'm seriously thinking of retiring this year, it does the job, keeps me warm in the water and stuff, but, and it's a big but, it doesn't feel that great, it doesn't "feel right" which I know isn't the best reason for paying out a load on a new wetsuit, but seeing as I just spent 136 quid entering two races next year it would seem foolish to handicap myself further than my own lack of ability already does....
  • cranmerecranmere Posts: 34
    You can sometimes hit lucky on ebay especially if you're a slightly unusual size and very few people bid, it's worth taking a look.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    If you can find a place that rents suits,there you can buy them at end of season. These suits are worn one season and then sold at bottom price. So if you dont mind other people have worn it then thats a good deal.(most of the time people who rented these suits were really carefull with it; warranty payment[;)]).
  • I have been swimming in my entry level QR since 2002. I bought a 2007 Foor Quantum2 ex-hire in sept07. The difference was amazing not only was it easier to get on/off but it was much more comfy. I have raced in it once and beat my 25min mile pb by almost 3 minutes. I got it from triuk (http://triuk.com/) they also have other ex-hire suits form other manufacturers.

    After reading a lot about different manufacturers there doesn't seem to be much difference between suits of the same calibre. It seems fit is much more important. When i got my Foor i tried a few on and that one fitted the best, tight but in no way restrictive.

    My suit was ex-hire but it would be hard to tell. Apart from a small ruffle on the inside (normal wear from velcro) it was unmarked, so a bargain at half price.
  • Aquasphere offer a good range of suits from entry level upwards. I think the prices start from £110 and go upto about £300.
  • CalimaCalima Posts: 35
    Buying a wetsuit is like a women buying a pair of shoes the more you try on the better it is. Yes, they all look the same but as per previous reply comfort is very important and you need to feel right in it. Go to a triathlon shop, they have the experience you need, dont buy off of e-bay. Wetsuits are not cheap but shop wisely and you will be surprised at the deals that are out there.[:)]
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