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Protien Bars

Hey dewds.

I just got back to training after a kettlebell and weight gain winter. I have lost a load of weight with my tri training (a load of muscle too [:@]). Strange thing happening. I have a pot belly for some reason! weights going everywhere except the gut. Anyway i decided to sort my diet out early so i dont have to put up with comments like "you can swim like hell for a fat guy".

I went with myprotien.co.uk and got some stuff, mainly whey protien, but i thought id get some bars and flapjacks since i have some loose change and carring a mixer with water around is a pain.

Anyone ever used the bars? I was thinking of using the bars as the post train filler before i get home and get a meal.

Also gonna use the flapjacks pre train and probably for those morning when you just dont get a breakfast.


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    Firstly, if you are wanting to lose weight, taking protein supplements won't achieve that. However it is still a good idea for after weight training in order keep yourself out of negative nitrogen balance. Secondly, when I can afford it, I get protein bars from High5 and they are veeerrrry nice so definately worth purchasing them, just for that fact! For the most effective use of the protein supplement, try to consume it within the first 20 minutes after exercise as is the "window of opportunity" for best uptake.

    In regards to the pot belly, do you drink much alcohol? If you are particularly slim, a pot belly could be because of alcohol as it causes fat to build up around the liver so expands the abdomen area. Just a though.

    Hope this helps
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    i disagree with stickmans first statment.

    i come from a competitive powerlifting background,b4 i got into tri and have a qualification in gym instruction,personal training,spin , step ,e.t.c. i am well used to making weight for comps.

    anyway, a high protein low carb diet is the way to burn fat, but remember, fat only burns in a carb flame. this in mind make sure you eat your high carb foods b4 your swim bike and runs and other workouts ,because you need fuel in carb/glycogen form to work out.

    cut out all simple carbs/sugars white breads pasta and the like. switch to low g.i. foods .

    and remember you cant "spot" reduce fat. the belly will go in time.

    get a heart rate montior exercise in your low zones.

    l.s.d long slow distance.

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    If we are showing off our qualifications, I am a sport scientist, personal trainer and swim and triathlon coach. :P

    The reason you may find that a low carb diet reduces fat is because high carb diets usually consist of a high carb diet meal at night and often causes bloating etc.

    Try not to restrict your carbs while doing endurance training, perhaps just eat it at a different time in the day.

    Also with regards to training at low intensities, that is correct in that you are burning more fats at lower intensities, however bare in mind that if you are working at higher intensities, you will be burning more energy overall (providing you work at an intensity that can be maintained) and therefore the fat will be burnt afterwards providing the diet intake remains the same

    remember, to maintain weight energy expenditure=energy intake, weight loss energy expenditure > energy intake
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    i am also a sport scientist , but did not want to appear to be showing off[;)]

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    in an effort to reduce weight for my next ironman, i have empoyed the very method you have outlined above.

    i find cheap cassien protien shakes after 6 really take the hunger away due to being slow{er} releasing proteins. i also try and eat all my carbies early on.
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    Jelly legsJelly legs Posts: 278
    I have no quals but i know a bit and i know you are not on a weight training forum, whey protein and protein bars are absolute nonsence.

    The questions you pro's should ask are how long are you training for, what does your normal diet consist of.

    Its quite simple, the reason you have a belly as you call it is that your probably taking in alot of carbs, which is absolutly correct for a high workout program (energy).

    The belly will go eventually, but it aint going to happen over night, it could take ages.

    One more point to consider, have you seen muscle men who after years and years of eating high protein diets, stop doing it and dont train half as much it all turns to fat.( well most of it).

    If you eat a well balanced diet, protein supplements should be used probably only after excercise and within the afore mentioned 20 mins, If your training for less than one hour at a time the only thing you need to put in your mouth is water.

    Dont be conned into thinking bars/gels/protein drinks and god knows what else is being pumped at us by the advertiseres is doing anything for you because it probably isnt.

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    My plan is to use flapjacks (carbs and protien) to cover my bad mornings (no breakfast mornings), then the protien bars post workout when i am getting out of the pool/gym/running as they are high protien low sugar and will tide me over till i get home for shake/meal. I just cant carry around all the right foods all day as i goto work, goto gym/swim/run then go home.

    I cant go back for kit or food as my house is well outta the way @ Jellylegs :(. So i need something portable.

    PS im a computer scientist [8D]

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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    I have a degree in flower arranging & know one should never cover or compensate for a poor diet with supplements, be they carbs, protein, casein, wahey, wahoo or given to you by a GI, a high or a low one.
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    I inject myself with a solution of water and polyphosphate.

    If it's good enough for nice plump chicken breasts, it should be good enough for my chicken legs.

    I am not a food scientist, but I can use google enough to pretend to be one.
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    Britspin wrote:

    I have a degree in flower arranging & know one should never cover or compensate for a poor diet with supplements, be they carbs, protein, casein, wahey, wahoo or given to you by a GI, a high or a low one.

    I hear that, but the nutritional value of my protien jack is better than a kitkat and a bag of crisps :P

    I got my stuff from myprotien.co.uk, its not what i expected (so say flapjack is a lie:P its a bar of whey with some yoghurt esque substance), but for what it is they did a good job of masking the taste

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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Preparation, its ooooh 15.15 & I am soon to go get Tuesdays breakfast, mid morn snack & lunch ready so I can pick it out of the fridge at 6am tomorrow without engaging brain, put it in bag & bugger off to training & work.
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    Xyzee_ukXyzee_uk Posts: 100
    I suppliment my diet with fruit and veg and porrige and bread and pasta and lots of milk and some meat.
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    i aint getting home till bout 10pm and up at 6am :P

    during my time at home i have to sleep, eat a meal, the non trivial task of cleaning clothes, chug and also ensure people know im still alive:P

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