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Luton Marathon

Anyone doing this.This will be my third year, very hard 3 loop marathon but worth doing.Did Wolverhampton couple months ago 3.10 so looking forward to Luton.


  • TeaJayTeaJay Posts: 29
    was thinking about doing it as i live in luton. This is my first year of seious training though and the longest i have run is a half marathon so am not really ready yet.

    i will be doing it next year for sure !

    would be nice to hear how you get on though.... i have been told its quite hilly !!!

  • Its not to hilly.Few incline sections but always windy at the back end of route.The weather the last two years has been bad last year being the worst hail,rain and strong winds.Being a local club to Luton we always have good support.Six from our club are doing full marathon and we have three relay teams in.Our relay team has won the event twice with the course record beating London university team by 9 mins two years ago.You should get two more people and do the relays.
  • Just done two loops of the marathon route.That was tough we had snow wind then rain.From memory of last year that was normal.Roll on two weeks time.
  • Hi Dave how's it going.

    Impressive marathon time (3.10). Are you IM ing again next year?

    I'm 3 weeks into my schedule for coeur d'alene in June.

  • Hi Colin good to hear from.Doing Switzerland.Got to sort out Lanza in 2010.Running going well.How about you?
  • happy new year to Dave and all.

    Into week six of my 30 week schedule. I lost half of week 4 and all of wk5 due to the flu lurgee.

    training seems to be going well, the inforced 10 day lay off seems to have got rid of a lot of niggly pains!

    My running is way off yours at the moment , plus I'm a stone and a half heavier than last May!!

    I have signed up for UK at bolton now so 2 in 6 weeks, should be a challenge.
  • Hi Colin happy new year to you and family.Two Ironmans top man.Might come up to Bolton give you some support.Don't forget if you want any good lake swimming we start in April.
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