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Which wetsuit?

Have done duathlons and looking to start racing triathlons this year so I'm looking to buy a wetsuit and don't mind paying £200+ but to what extent do you get what you pay for?

What's the difference between a £100 and £300 wetsuit in terms of speed and durability etc. I don't want to go for the cheap option if I only end up going expensive later but obviously don't want to spend the extra if I'm not going to notice the difference.

Any thoughts?


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    ardkeenardkeen Posts: 152
    Usually you get what you pay for. Orca is a good starter, Blue seventy is what I use and it' s good enough for me. The main thing is training not what wetsuit you wear.
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    pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    Hey Steve,

    I started off with an O Neill suit for about £100 it did the job great for 2 years, I still use it in training. I upgraded last year to an Orca Apex 2 and I must say it's the business. More expensive, but you just feel neater and faster in it. If you shop around you can get them on sale or bundled with other kit. I find if you try a lot first for a number of items and then once you've got the size etc. go to a shop with a wish list - you always get a discount!

    good luck

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    i got a snug wetsuit ,they custom build for you . just make sure you measure yourself correctly or have someone else do it for you .any tri specific suit will help you float better but training is the main thing
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