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TT bike fitting advice needed

Hi All
Hope you can help, I have taken the plunge and started building a TT bike, I have all the important bits I just have to build it up and was wondering if there is a reference point as to where your body should line up to in relation to the handlebars?

For example When on a road bike and you are on the hoods you should be able to look down and the handlebar should line up with the front hub (apparently)

How should the TT bike be? is there an easy point of reference? I'm assuming that as you will spend most of the time on the aero bars that when in this position you should line up your eyes with the base bar and the hub? or should it be further forwards because of the different geometry? I just need to know so i can get an appropriate length stem

Please help!!!

PS cant afford a bike fit yet, so want to try this first




  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Word of warning - you are likely to suffer pain fest by trying to do the fit yourself. Save the cash and go get it done properly
  • When considering a TT bike fitting an important point to consider is...is the bike fully WAT declared? If not then the fear of said WAT discovering your new pride and joy could lead to involuntary clenching which would cause fatigue and hence slower times. So the question is, is the bike declared? ;-)
  • No it isnt as you well know, it has been residing in the boot of my car since december!!!

    I cant afford the WAT bill just yet, so i'll be waiting until its built up so i can at least ride it once before she removes my nads as part of the initial WAT payment :roll:
  • I know it isn't, I just can't imagine how frustrating it must be to have a spangly new bike that you can't even talk about, much less ride!
  • Me.... You mean Steve

    Dementia setting in coach
  • If you can afford it then pay for a proper bike fit now rather than physio in 3 months time.

    And if you live anywhere near the midlands, Bridgtown cycles are awesome!

    *other cycle fit shops are available*
  • If you fancy muddying the waters a bit, have look at this link with regards to positioning, fit etc:

    http://www.slowtwitch.com/Bike_Fit/Geom ... _1321.html

    Alternatively, go see Mike at Bridgetown Bikes - he's a magician, 'nuff said.
  • or try Mike at Bike Dynamics in Leamington... £135.00 for full bike fit and cleat fit service. Awesome job by Mike. Having got a TT bike end of last year I found it uncomfortable in aero position - now I am so comfortable inthe aero its easier than seated up! I found out my legs are slightly long for my body size so had to have a new stem as he coudn't get the tribars up high enough for me... this I had no idea about. I then found that I could ride comfortably 2mph faster than before!

    Whoever you go with (I hear alot of good things about Bridgetown cycles on this website) I can't recommend a bike fit enough. In fact if buying a new bike I would include a bike fit in the budget for it.
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