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Exhausted after training

I'm coming back from a number of knee injuries and an operation last season so my training over the winter has been seriously disrupted. Consequently I find myself behind schedule and carrying a little weight (half a stone). I've adjusted my diet and stopped drinking but I'm finding I'm totally exhausted after every session in the gym. Bike and swim sessions are ok but after doing weights and endurance, I am irritable and can barely hold my head up at my desk.

Any suggestions? Am I lacking something in my diet or do I need more training supplements. I feel a bit confused - don't want to gain weight but the fatigue is becoming a demotivator and a concern. I'm not training anywhere near as hard as this time last year.


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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    It sounds a bit like lack of calories or dehydration!

    Are you drinking enough before during and after? What are you drinking?

    Are you doing or using something to aid recovery? IE some sort of sports drink or banana and protein something?

    I am now doc or sports guru but I know when I feel like toy are descibing its normally down to missing something out of my diet or not drinking enough1

    One last thing how are you sleeping and for how long! I read somewhere that not enogh sleep can have the same effect.

    Hope this helps.
    Maybe try a doctor if it persists!!!
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    Sleep is good and I'm definitely getting plenty of fluid during and after. I take Nuun or High 5 Zero during training and Maximuscle Cyclone immediately after. Maybe the calorie intake is the reason. Having cut the rubbish out of my diet I'm not really sure what to replace it with so am basically sticking to 2 salads aday (with a chicken breast or tuna), muesli, fruit or yoghurt. Occasionally I'll sub a salad for wholemeal pasta.
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    I would have said not enough carbs from the sounds of it. If you're training hard then you'll be fine with more carbs and not putting weight on - works for me anyway!
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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    My god is that all you are eating?

    That wouldnt keep me going for half a day. You nned to up your carbs as jonty says.

    I would look to eat some sort of carbs every day. Check out the GI index for the best type. I think wholemeal pasta and basnati rice are good.
    Salad is good but nothing like veg for power eating. I have been told that red and peurple veg are great for traing. Dont forget to eat a varied diet and keep your friut and veg to at least 8 a day!!!
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