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Is anyone doing 1/2 IM Austria?


Is anyone doing or has done 1/2 IM Austria? I'm thinking of giving it a try and wanted some advice.


  • Johna,

    Hi, I'm planning to do this race, as it's good prep for Roth in July which I've already entered. I'm fortunate enough to currently live between Roth & St Polten (in Erding, the home of the only tasteless Weissbier in Germany!) so will go & ride the courses well before each race. I'll let you know what it's like. I know it's a single lap with a fairly stiff climb about midway; it's a slower course than Switzerland 70.3 by virtue of that.

    Have you entered yet? I must pull my finger out, so I can get the free t-shirt(!)

    Personally the half IM doesn't worry me; the full distance is another matter - there's no 'cuffing it [8|]
  • Well, that's me entered. I expect the free 'in training' T-Shirt to give me the strength of 10 men whilst out training! I'll need it, the weather here in Bavaria is c**p: v. strong wind & rain all weekend, turbo again then this afternoon[&:]
  • JohnaJohna Posts: 27
    Hi Jorgan,

    At last I've just confirmed my entry as prep for IMCH in July 08. Have you hade a chance to ride the IM Austria 70.3 course yet?
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