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Hey guys, I am planning on buying a turbo trainer for the winter sessions. I started doing my research and I feel dizzy already with the amount of TT available.

I would like a recommendation from one (or more) fellow triathletes.

The most important thing is noise reduction, and I am not looking to spend a fortune on high tech gadgets. I want a good, sturdy TT that will help me train and won't get me kicked out of the house.

I can go as high as GBP 150, but if there is one for GBP 80 that does exactly the same... why pay the difference?

Any suggestions?




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    is the turbo trainer I use. I looked and looked and looked at all the models on the Internet and then went into my local bike shop (Hackney, London) and this was the only model they had. They let me set it up with one of their Specialized Allezs and try it out, and it seemed just fine to me. Been using it now for 1.5 years and steadily improving my cycling times all the while. Not fancy, not top-of-the-line, but does the job for me. £89.99 is what they say it costs.
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    I just recently bought a Tacx softgel Sirris here: http://www.wiggle.co.uk/ProductDetail.aspx?Cat=cycle&ProdID=5360020040&N=Tacx%20Sirius%20Soft%20Gel%20Folding%20Magnetic%20T1435%20Trainer

    I bought this one because i really wanted the cycleops one and after posting on this forum and hearing it was the best but then i read a review in 220 saying that the tacx was just as good but cheaper.

    There we go :)

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    what i want now is a work out dvd!!! any one have any recommendations?
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    RobRob Posts: 209
    I've had a Cycleops Fluid 2 for nearly a year & it's great. Very quiet too.
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    husslerhussler Posts: 237
    Hey im flogging my Cycle-ops fluid 2 turbo, i have had it since last Nov and is still in like new condition:) the reason im selling is cos iv just bought one with a power meter etc ie upgrading as i have a little bit of extra cash just dropped in!! If you are interested im after around £60 ish and ill include the front wheel riser too if need be :) Let me know if your interested give us a bell on 07841208035, im located in N.Yorks but travel down to either Lincolnshire or the Stoke-on- Trent area on a regular basis so anywhere within that triangle i could drop it off etc..


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