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Having come from a running background I'm used to the luxury of time and covering feet in vaseline prior to run as well as wearing decent running socks. So far this has worked and have run for a number of years blister free (well allmost !!).

Fully aware that during transition I'm not going to have this luxury what do you guys & girls do to avoid blisters ??

I've been told that using talc (already in shoes/socks at transition) can help but any other suggestions would be great, or is it a case of being a bit tougher and accepting that running with a bit of discomfort is the norm in this crazy world of triathlon !


  • Really depends on the length of run mangel, if its only a sprint then I use decent socks already talced without a problem, half IM It would be well worth the few extra seconds of coating your toes in vaseline. Having said that I still end up with a coupe of blisters, but think they would be a whole lot worse without vaseline.

    Preparation pays off in my book[;)].

  • Hopefully, by the time you get off your bike your feet will be dry (that is, if you wear separate shoes for cycling and running). Talc in the shoes, extra pairs of dry socks for each transition, just in case, and running without socks are all things I have tried to keep feet dry. What also really helps is simulating race conditions when you train. Try running in all kinds of conditions, and practice dealing with different conditions when you train.
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