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Garmin Edge 305 - Using Maps/Creating Routes

Does anyone have any knowledge on how to use mapping software to create routes on a laptop - tried doing it on the supplied software but it is more or less usless ie if you want put in Richmond Park for example, it doesn't seem to show up on the map on the pc - seems only to do main roads..... Further to that it lacks detail and looks clunky.

Same follows or downloading routes - anyway to download a session into a decent map program?

Ideally there woul be a way to using softare similar to google maps/map quest etc..... any ideas?



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    Hi mate

    Just started using mapmytri.com mapmyride.com mapmyrun.com all basically the same. Have a look see if meets your needs havent got a Garmin yet !?! but sure it compatible. Measurments seem accurate to my navman though and all though can take a while to plot a route off road it can be done using the satalite images etc.. think you do need google earth not sure....

    Good Luck

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    I have a 305 and I have used SportsTracks http://www.zonefivesoftware.com/SportTracks/ to see the route I've run.

    I also use http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/ to plan my routes.

    I've never tried to plan my routes using the 305 though, just to download all the data into SportsTrack.
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