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Is anyone doing the Ballbuster Duathlon in November? Has anyone experienced it? If so, what's the terrain like? Any tips?



  • Hi

    yes i'd also be interested to hear from anyone who has done this event? Have done a couple of sprint tris this summer but nothing longer and am now starting to increase my training distances to prepare for the ballbuster. Currently doing 40km ish running and approx 100km on the bike per week...is this enough or am i going to suffer on those hills?

    any advice etc much appreciated!

  • Dave BoyDave Boy Posts: 94
    Yes done this last two years.Tough one if you go out to fast on the first run.weather has been good last two years but if it's bad roads can get slippy from leaves.Couple of turnings you need to be carefull on.Roads are not closed and can get busy.I did 3.20 last year .Not sure if gonna do this year £56 bit pricey.We are doing a club training session on Bison hill Bedfordshire 6mile run 24mile bike 6 mile run.First week in October Bison hill .Welcome to join us.The hill is 1 mile climb 10% incline you go up it 6 times.Look on our message board under Bison Challenge

  • jasperjasper Posts: 9
    Thanks for the update Dave. I didn't realise ballbuster was that dear. Where's Bison Hill, can't find it on the map?

  • Dave BoyDave Boy Posts: 94
    Bison hill is in Bedfordshire.It is next to whipsnade zoo the hill goes up the side of the zoo.It is on google earth I am not that good on computers otherwise I would put the link on.We are just waiting for confirmation on the transition area which will have changing areas and food.We will have signs and marshalls on the route so will be all covered.
  • jasperjasper Posts: 9
    Cheers Dave.
  • I did the spring ballbuster this year as a tester after 2 months of full and proper training. The course is ok, in reality you go either downhill or flat for about 6.5 miles and then you have a steep (probably between 4 and 6%) climb up to the hill for about 1.5 miles. I hadnt done any hill training on the bike and found them ok. If you are very good you can spin up the hills (high cadence), I think I ended up doing about 70 rpms instead of preferred 85 to 90. If you want to try and replicate the hill on the turbo trainer or gym bike (if you dont have any hills near you to use!) then I would say you want to have the resistance on so that you are at about 70 rpms and working at about 80 to 85% of your max heart rate (as a disclaimer that would be right for me as on a flat i go at about 85 rpms and would be about 70% heart rate max).

    The run is ok, on the same route although you finish up the hill, so the secind lap is tough.

    Sorry if i got a bit techhie there, but shout if it fdidnt make sense
  • Thanks Blaise for the info, very informative.
  • I think this is a really good and friendly event - if a little expensive (although you get a good quality long-sleaved top out of it).

    I've done it the past couple of times and, as requested above, have the following tips:

    (1) The course isn't as slow as it sounds. Its really 6 or so miles of flat or downhill followed by a sub 2 mile climb at the end of each lap. This makes it a pretty fast run course - although tough on the knees and quads on the second run. As an example I ran a comfortable 48 for the first lap in March and I wouldn't expect to run much quicker than that for e.g. a ten mile straight race (granted my second run lap was a couple of minutes slower but I was still overtaking people - perhaps due to my bike, hmm).

    (2) If you can get down to Box Hill for a training brick before the race you should do. Will be a good training session anyway but will be very useful at showing you the rubbish road surface (get some tough tyres) and some of the faster/hairier sections.

    (3) The course info says that TT bikes/tri bars are not really going to help you on the course. Not sure I agree with that as its not that tricky a course. Also, I was passed on the bike by 15+ people nearly all using deep section wheels and TT bikes. Its not just the bike I know but I'll defo be using my new TT steed if I race in November.

    (4) Do lots of running in training. Then do more running. And more.
  • dannymack comments all spot on- especially the one about the long sleeve top- one of the best freebies I have got from an event- although as noted it is a bit pricey...
  • I have signed up for this and I understand the key to a succesfull race is certainly to take the first run easily and not to push too much.........the downhills will sap your quads, so steady as she goes and a good day will be had by all. Fingers crossed for a dry day, as I think the rain will have an effect too.
  • does anyone know what time it starts on the saturday?

    also would be grateful for any clothing advice from people who have done it before? Obviously depends on the weather etc but assuming its going to be cold ish what sort of clothing were you wearing on the bike and run?

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