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How to Take a Child Fishing

Every child should go fishing at least once. Taking your kids fishing can be a fun-filled adventure [:o]. (althogh i don't have a child, but i have experience go fishing with my little nephew, it 's really a hard[&o] work) It's very important to learn how to prepare for the excursion and make it a trip they won't forget. in my opinion, when we take a child fishing, we shoulp pay attention to these steps.

Step One

Choose a location that is very quiet, with still or slow-moving water. This will increase their likelihood of success.

Step Two

Rent or buy kid-sized fishing gear.

Step Three

Use live bait. It will increase their chances of catching a fish.

Step Four

Have a few ideas to keep the kids entertained while you're fishing. Sing songs, skip rocks and look for critters to fill the time.

Step Five

Be patient. Kids are bound to get muddy and wet. They may even tangle a few lines.

Step Six

Bring snacks and drinks along. Pack some special treats to reward them for trying this new sport.

a little long, but hope that help.

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