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I need a not too tough half ironman event for 2008

Hello All,

This is my first post as a new member of the forum so hope someone out there can help. This has been my first year of tri competition, beginning with 2 sprint distances then the Windsor Challenge distance and finally the Olympic distance at London in Aug. I wasn't partic fast at 2hrs 58 mins but I did feel great at the end and would now like to try a half iron man in 08. Can anyone suggest a reasonable half iron man for a first timer, nothing with loads of hills and cross country running, just a reasonably straight forward course that i would have some hope of finishing.

Look forward to your responses :-)


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    Whatever you do, dont enter Wimbleball HiM if you want a gentle entry into this distance... I did it 2 years ago and then (alcohol fuelled) entered again this year forgetting the pain of last year. I've heard the Vitruvian is quite tough as well.
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    BARNYBARNY Posts: 157
    hey beryl


    Swim is flat, bike is fast, run is pretty flat too....

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    Cheers Andyday and Barny, glad that swim is flat in the Big Cow Event otherwise it might have been a bit tricky. Will look into it.
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