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Tri training and music

As an ex member of a speed country band called Billy Joe Speed (we supported Hank Wankford at the Mean Fiddler once - our major claim to fame) I love training to fast yee hah music as well as well as fusion drum and bass - Hardwire being an exellent example- I am interested to know what other music people using this excellent foum might train too.


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    The Ramones always work for me.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, or make too much of a lecture out of it, the only time I do train to music is when I'm on the turbo trainer or the treadmill. At all other times, I find it more important to be paying attention to my surroundings, especially biking and swimming (yes, I have seen people with these waterproof music systems that strap to the back of their head so they can listen to music when swimming). Debate is open on running with music. Personally, I don't like to have headphones getting in the way when I am out and about in the wild.
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    No worries, a good point well made, I like to hear the birds tweeting when I am out and about, treadmill and turbo trainer being the perfect partners for music. As something to keep you going for an 1hr and a half on the turbo trainer I recommend Punk Attitude produced by Don Letts, great viewing, great music and keeps your cadence rate up.
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    I will look out for that. I like Don Letts. I need to find some new stuff to keep me going through this coming winter.

    I would also add that The Clash, the Buzzcocks, The Talking Heads and The Beat are all good for training sessions. If I get the combination right, it can be good to put in some old school hip-hop in between all the old school rock/punk, for a variation on the rhythms and to ensure that I my heart rate isn't up at 180 the entire time. (Maybe down to 160 with some Rob Base and then down to 140 with some MC Hammer, and 120 with Grandmaster Flash and LL Cool J). Anyway, I never quite get the timing right and I sometimes find that I am supposed to be resting when "Town Called Malice" comes on or going flat-out when "Rapper's Delite" comes on.
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    All most excellent suggestions rpopper65. Just thank goodness you don't have to keep your heart rate in the zone and change all of that vinyl! Or maybe you do.......

    Have a feeling we grew up in similar decades....

    Why do you think no one else is joining in on the topic? Poss not technical enough?
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