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Freehub wobble

I have just been sorting my bike out for tomorrows ride and I have noticed I have a wobble on my freehub......

When the chain is on the 23 tooth and I change to the 21 tooth the freehub moves around 3-4mm away from the wheel itself and it doesnt change gear.

If I push the freehub back then it will change gear to the 21. But then it wont change back to the 23 if I change it back....

I can not get to my LBS this week as Im gona be mega busy at work and it will be shut by the time I get there so I need to sort this myself......especially as Im supposed to be using this wheel for Bala Middle at the weekend!!! Dont really fancy using a disc wheel there!!! lol

Any ideas?


  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Get your wheel bearing checked and/or replaced at once or get the spoke key out and check the tension ofthe spokes
  • husslerhussler Posts: 237
    Spoke tension is fine.....

    Its the body itself that moves.... ie the bit that the cassette lives on.

    Gona have to see if I can slip out of work for an hour un-noticed 2moro.... could be tricky though as I am teaching all day:(

    Has anyone got a manikin I can use to make it look like im actually in class lol.... students will prob learn more from one anyway haha
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