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Bike Bar Setup

Hi all, I'm considering (purchased all bits from eBay already) changing my bars from drop downs to time trial bars - still with the tri bars of course.

I'll have to move the (new) shifters to the tri bar ends and (new) brake levers to the new TT bars.

I watched the World Triathlon this weekend and noticed everyone (it seemed) men and women still with drop bars.

Anyone have any opinion on this setup over the one I currently have before I take the plunge ?



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    There are a couple of discussions on this topic in this forum, so you might want to have a search around for some other info.

    There is a basic difference in the bikes the elite use for short and standard distance triathlons, and the type that the rest of us might choose for speed. The elite are now allowed to 'draft' (slipstream, as in a bike road race). This recent change of ruling is still a contentious issue with a lot of people as some think it spoils the feel of the event. Because all elite competitors now ride these races in groups, they need much better control of their bikes due to their close proximity, which is the reason they use a regular bike set-up (I believe it is a legal requirement too).

    If, like you and me, you are riding in an event that forbids drafting, then you can use tri-bars. If the aim is to go faster, then it will help. If you want a more versatile bike then the traditional set-up might suit you more.

    Incidentally, I recently bought an Orbea TT bike (very nice machine). I was a bit concerned that I was spending quite a bit of money on something that I might not use that often (a few events a year and also some training). I'm pleased to say that that isn't a problem, as having ridden it quite a few times, it's not as limiting or uncomfortable as you might think.

    Hope this helps
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    For handlebar set up and general bike position trytyping "karma sutra of bike positions" into google. Ignore the obvious!! and go to the web page that has to do with a cycle shop in Michigan USA (King cycles possibly??) Alternatively google slowtwitch .com - an American triathlon site and it has links to the bike set up pages in Michigan plus a load of other interesting stuff.
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Just checked it out its called bikesportmichigan - where I got kingcycles from I don't know - maybe the other karma sutra sites!
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