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Really wanted vista mask subscription offer from aprils mag but had to keep head down with revision til now, now i can't get the mask. :(

Oh well - guess I will have to go for the 3 FOR £1 offer then hopefully one of the more recent mags will have an offer I can use.

BTW if anybody is in same situation the 3 for a quid offer is at http://info.220triathlon.com/?bbcam=adwds&bbkid=220+triathlon&x=&jtid=70723&client_code=

Will post again as soon as I see any free gift worth having


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    First timerFirst timer Posts: 139
    If you really want one of the vista masks let me know.I have one that i dont want only worn once.

    Would rather let someone have use of it than let it rot .
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    epacseepacse Posts: 92
    i'll happily take up the goggles?/

    i have my first event june 8th and desperately trying to find some!

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