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What do/have people used? How do you rate the flavour? How does the energy release?

I am completely new to looking at effects of nutrition but I'm guessng if there no fuel in the tank I'm not going to go anywhere quickly. Up til now the majority of my rides have been around an hour or less or I have stopped for sandwiches when I started to feel a lack of energy but am soon going to start upping mileage in preperation for half ironman so think I am going to need some nutritional help. Previously for me this has come in the form of lucozade sport/powerade but am now looking in to more serious supps (lucozade sport is fine if you are only taking on 500ml but think any more could be too sweet and highly flavoured). How many calories do I want to be taking in an hour and what is easiest way to do this, everywhere I have looked has said this is an individual thing but I can't afford to experiment excessively. Am currently looking at www.myprotein.co.uk with 1kg of dextrose for £2.95 and soluble-ised oats for £2.49 a kg for carb loading. Also looking at possible protein for post exercise, but unsure as to which provides best balance of cost and performance. I presume I don't take protein on whilst exercising but don't know why.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.


  • BTW both of these powders are un-flavoured (I think) so would probs just add them to squash. Might also have to get electrolyte powder and play around to get correct balance but for time being might just add dextrose to my trusty old Nuun tabs.

    Sorry about rambling unstructured post but so many questions and options and so little knowledge!
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