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Pro's bike choices

Why is it that the majority of the top pro's seem to ride road bikes, sometimes without even having clip on tri-bars? Surely they could go faster in proper aero position with deep section wheels? The only distance where the pro's seem to all be kitted out to the max is ironman. Any ideas?


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    rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70
    Drafting is allowed in Oly / World Cup Dist Pro Races, therefore Aero Bars are no advantage and the draft legal ones look so short they must be uncomfortable.

    therefore a standard road bike is what they use....... go up to 70.3 and Ironman Distances then NO drafting for everyone - so out come the aero toys and TT bikes.

    For us mere mortals ... it is ALWAYS NO drafting ..... allegedly !!


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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I think there is a rule preventing them from having aero bars protruding beyond their brake hoods, due to drafting being legal. So they either have shorty ones, or most of them dont bother.

    Their frames also have to be tubular, so no profiled aero frames!

    it seems crazy that the athletes at the top are the ones who don't ride the ultra specced tri-bikes!
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    I read the other day that it depends greatly on the course type. Full on tri bikes are great if the rider is in the tuck position all of the time but if the course is hilly or technical then a plain road bike is better.

    Tri bikes are heavy so the only advantage comes from an aero position, if you're constantly out of the saddle or braking and changing gears, then a lighter road bike with STI brakes/gears is more efficient.

    If you don't get the chance to really use clip on tri bars on a road bike then they just become ballast to carry round so are better removed.

    I looked at getting the Focus bike that Wiggle sell for £999 but decided that having the gears on the tribars was too much of a commitment to constantly being in the tuck position so went for a road bike instead. Changing gears while braking looked like it would be a pain in the ass with the Focus.
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    dannymackdannymack Posts: 58
    Top end TT bikes can be just as light as road ones - and if you're used to them they are fine on even the hilliest courses - I Scott Neyedli rode his Kueen K at Wimbleball recently. The reason for Olympic distance pros riding road ones is as per Tommitri and RJ1265 above.

    Personally I think allowing drafting on the bike leg in these races means that you get a big peleton going into T2 and the best runners will almost always win - which is a bit boring. Obviously the reason I'll never turn pro...
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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    very true, it is why Gomez always wins, because he is an incredibly talented runner.
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