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I have just joined a gym which run spinning classes and I'm guessing this can only be good for my cycling. First one in a few days and want to know what to expect. If anyone has any stories, be they of great successes after spinning or of great pain please share here.


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    BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    Spinning is a great class but can vary greatly depending on who the instructor is. Some will run a real cycling class while others see it as an exercise class, i.e. press up's on the handlebars while cycling, which is actually pretty stupid. So try different classes and see which suits you best.

    Expect a high intensity class which may take a couple of sessions to get use to, but once you're into it they're very motivating. Because of the high intensity they are great for peaking, so beware of doing too many during your base period.

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    rpopper65rpopper65 Posts: 171
    Yes, big echo of what Boycie said. Beware of too many spinning classes during your Base period - in other words, right now, assuming that you are entering into a new year's training routine right around now. Don't let the spinning classes replace or displace your longer sessions on the bike for endurance and general getting-the-feel-of-the-bike sessions. They can be a good complement to those other sessions, but not replacements for them.

    What you may also find useful is to come back to use the stationary bikes when there is not a spinning class going on and use them for other types of work-outs (e.g. some of them have hill-climbing simulators that you can programme, or simulate long, flat rides) as well as combination work-outs (if your gym has a pool or has treadmills). I found these helpful supplements to my regular winter training on days that were just too bleak and cold to go outside. But, I also found it important to remember that these are not ideal substitutes for actually getting outside and doing the training under real conditions, on a real bike (or a real road).
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