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Getting 10k times down

I'm looking for some running gurus - I can do 46 min 10km at moment, want to knock as much time off this as possible as quickly as possible. I'm 21 so little risk of heart attack, tell me what to do - I will do it and tell you the result! Is it all about putting as many miles in as possible or should I do more speedwork?


  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Two pieces of advice: 1. Lose weight - try this go out and do arun wearing a rucksac with say 5 kilogrms of whatever in it and time yourself. Then go out and do the same run with out the extra weight. Guess which will be faster. You losing weight will have the exact same effect (skinny is good) 2.Do at least one interval session per week preferably two. Try something like 2 mins on (flat out on!!)minute off 10 times and then start to build it up, or find a hill that will also allow you to do a 2:1 ratio; you're really talking about 30 -45 minutes of 2:1 intervals. The second interval would be something like long intervals I used to do 2 x 5km; I'd do the first one as fast as I could and then take the same recovery (ie 1:1)and then do the same again aiming to have the second one as fast or faster than the first one. This worked for me allowing me to record 38 & 39 min 10 kms (I need to get back to it). One word of advice is to have a coach or mentor incorporate these sessions into your existing programme as deciding to do this may mean you will have to tailor your other training. All the best

  • Thanks for the advice - have tried intervals before but will persevere with them and try long intervals as well. As for weight loss, I havent got any spare fat on me and don't want to lose any upper body strength as it will make my swimming weaker.

    Wonder if running with weight would be advantageous to increase strength??
  • I've been wondering about running with weights, too. Everyone I have spoken to so far has said that one way I could really increase by strength and speed for next year would be to spend more time in the gym, but I hate gyms. My idea is that if I cycle and run with weights on (swim with paddles, not with weights, since I really don't want to sink), then that ought to be as good as or better than spending time in a Beauty Prison (gym) moving a pile of metal slabs around. But, no one can confirm or deny that it would be a good thing. So, if you hear of anything on that subject, do come back and tell us what you find.
  • RobRob Posts: 209
    treefrog's right, interval sessions will do more than anything else to slash those 10k times. I've got my 10k time down from 45ish to just under 40 using intervals over the last year. It'll really help with your speed, which the 10k is all about. Also get a long run in, say over an hour if you're not already, this'll help with your stamina over the shorter distance.
  • Treefrog is pretty much spot on. The only way of running faster is to train at faster-than-race pace.

    Incorporate lots of speedwork into your schedule. Vary it up. Keep up the other runs and you'll find that you automatically begin to run faster in them too. You'll be sub 35 mins in no time!
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