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Winter Training

Hey was wondering what peoples opinions are on different winter training strategies. I am going to have properly structured training with base and build periods straight after christmas but until then should I stay general, training swim/cycle/run on different days or should I concentrate on one discipline for a week or 2 then move onto the next. Was also wondering if anyone had tips on how to weight pool/bike/run training time? Finally should I concentrate mostly on skills or strength/endurance/general fitness over the winter.

PB 2.48

2008 Target 2.18


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    I want to know this too, I've just been continuing my training as normal at the moment. But I'm focussing more on my running, because I've got a series of 10k races to get me through the winter.
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    good question. it depends on what you are good at. for example lets say ur a good cyclist. focus on ur other diciplines and just keep to ur one big ride per week for that. you do want to work specifcally on ur weaker aeras of the event as it change change ur time drimatically compared to improving you best dicipline. i suggest that u spend a good 6 weeks on one dicipline and then get back into well blanced training.and more questions email me at pineappleontherun@hotmail.com
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    My weakest discipline is cycling, thanks to myself; cause i only cycle 2000k a year(dont kill me over this). I've been in triathlon for the second season now and i think i wil focus on cycling now, cause i can make enormous gains there.

    hey pineapple, if you would focus on cycling 6 whole weeks , what would you do otherwise, i mean with running andswimming???
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    rpopper65rpopper65 Posts: 171
    If you are in a sort of "holding pattern" with your training, just wanting to maintain a good level of fitness, then it might be best just to follow the "Prep" phase of the Triathlete's Training Bible (or wherever you are going to be getting your training recommendations for "Base" and "Build" phases).

    Generally, right now, I would recommend that you focus on technique in your sessions, getting some coaching pointers on how to improve your technique, and/or reading up on technique (Total Immersion for swimming, Chi Running and Joe Friel's Cyclist's Training Bible are my favorites) so you make sure that whatever level of fitness you aim to achieve will be built on solid technique, and you'll be less injury-prone when you step up the pace and intensity. Right now one LSD (long slow distance) session each week, if you are getting twitchy and have built up a good level of fitness from other activities, would also keep your endurance up in the mean time.

    As for the balance of work-out time among the three disciplines, this is where having some 1-to-1 advice from a coach could help. One, fairly orthodox, approach to take is to look at the events you will be racing in (let's say sprints) next year, estimate your times in each event, and then apportion your training time accordingly. So, (just choosing some round numbers that work well for this example) if a 750m swim takes you 15 minutes, a 20k cycle ride takes you 45 minutes, and a 5k run takes you 30 minutes, then each week you might spend x hours swimming, 2x hours running, and 3x hours cycling. But, that would be ignoring (a) your particular strenghts and weaknesses and (b) your availability to do the training in the time and place that works best for you. Those factors are very important in maintaining a regular, motivated, progressive and rewarding training routine, so don't just go blindly by the numbers.

    Talk to a coach.

    Pineappleontherun, are you a coach? You really sound like you know your stuff and have experience working with triathletes. Shame about the spelling, grammar and punctuation [:D]...
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