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Accessible super-sprint

I am looking for a super-sprint race to drag a load of my tri-newby mates to, we are all students and are spread all around london and the home counties. I am looking to find a race that is not too expensive to enter (£20 or less?), and most importantly is easily accessible from London by train. Any Suggestions?


  • Try Thames Turbo. The only one still open is the Thames Turbo 4 in August. It's £30, which is about as cheap as it's possible to get, and is in Kingston/Hampton in SW London. It's a pool based event, so there's no need for people to shell out on a wetsuit. Friendly, well organised and an interesting enough course. An alternative is the Crystal Palace triathlon which is in (I think) September. The swim is in the 50m pool, followed by about 9 laps of a bike circuit and then the run. I haven't done it but it's got quite a good reputation. It's normally in May but was delayed this year while they remove the asbestos in the swimming pool roof....
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