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After many years playing sports like football and rugby, running at distance and generally anything sporty, I have just about finished my first season in Triathlon.

I have really enjoyed it, but would obviously like to improve, so I'm seeking some tips!

This season I have concentrated upon Sprints and generally complete a 400m / 20km / 5km Sprint in around 1hr 5 mins. With my weakest area probably being the Swim, which is now 7 mins 50 for the 400.

I would love to attempt something longer Olympic, but have a real desire to do something like a 1/2 or full Ironman. I think with my general base level of fitness I might stand a chance at the 'long stuff'.

So how do I improve my Sprint times and also prepare for the long stuff? Does it just come naturally the more I do the quicker I get?

I'm certainly not thin, but I'm powerful, could losing a few pounds help?

Any advice would be greatly received! Anybody been in the same situ!



  • RobRob Posts: 209
    psg, loads of us here have been in exactly the same position. You seem really keen on it & that is half the battle. Just build things up slowly to prevent injury. Before long that 'long' run you used to do of 40mins will be the short run & runs of 1-1.5hrs will become the norm. Rides of 25 miles will become a warm up for 50-70 miles, & then you're on the slippery slope to Ironman. Losing weight will DEFINITELY help, especially with the run.
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