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Do all shoes fit into all clipless pedals?


After reading the replies to another of my posts I have decided to get some shoes to fit the clippless pedals that came on a second hand trek 1500 (07) I've bought.

My stupid questions is do all shoes fit into all pedals or do I need to take a pedal with me to a shop to make sure they fit? Otherwise I was thinking of buying online as I don't live anywhere near a bike shop.

My other questions is - Does anybody know any drills or training plans for rollers?

I got some for Christmas and can now stay up on them as long as I don't move about too much and definitely don't try to get onto the aero bars. What I'd like some ideas for training sessions?

I am managing to do some training most days, but not for that long a session so I'd like to make them good ones. At the moment I get on the bike on;

Mon - Bike on rollers 6 minutes warm up, hold a steady pace 25 minutes then cool down for 6
Wed 6 min warm up on bike, 20 min race pace or above on bike and 15 min race pace run, 6 minute warm down on bike

I also jump on them for 6 minutes to warm up/cool down before/after a run.

I'm not convinced the above is the best use of a small amount of time. In the pool I tend to do drills or a set of 10x50 negative splits and only occasionally go for distance , but on the bike and run I'm pretty much just training at race pace.

My target at the moment is the sprint distance race at Blenheim in June, however if this goes well
I might want to try an Olympic in Sept.

Any suggestions gratefully received


  • JonhinioJonhinio Posts: 289
    You may need to take the pedal with you. Alternatively you know what type of pedals they are? Or post picture on here
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