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Just wondered what views were out there on Wilier? I am looking at upgrading my current steed and the new Wilier Mortirolo Mirage is an option as is the Scott CR1 Team and the Specialized Tarmac Comp. Views on any gratefully received.



  • PC67PC67 Posts: 101
    I've never owned one but stylewise I think they're lovely bikes. I hear they're very good. The impression I get is that they're a little more expensive than their peers at each comparable point, probably for the "bling" value of the Wilier brand name.
  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    I have a wilier lavaredo chrono,You cant go wrong with wilier.the quility is outstanding equil to that of BMC and better.now wonder bianchi and colnago

    have a job on there hands.This one of the best and fastest bikes ive ever been on.It can outwitt a trek ttx9 and

    giant trinity alliance zero and there both carbon.Goes like a bat out hell.this has done 60mph+ down telegraph hill.Recommend wilier to anyone.Handbuilt in italy,going scince 1906.Wilier is also used by team lampre and you know how well they do.
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