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On the scrounge for some wise words. Coming up for my second season, last year competed in 5 sprint distance events using Joe Friel's Your First Tri book which was great to get me through my first few races. However I now want to graduate to some more sprint events and a couple of olympics for this season. Where can I get some good training plans from? I know how to structure my week but I need help in fine tuning the specific workouts for the most benefit. Can not really afford a coach but any other book/web site suggestions?



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    sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    Im in a similar position, im thinking of joining a Tri Club.... have you thought about that?
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    I was in the same boat last year, I used the half ironman training plan on the following website:


    Used it to complete my first Olympic last year - and it worked. 2:22 at first attempt which I was well pleased with.

    I'd also recommend joining a Club - but be careful about gaining too much advice!
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    i dont know how many training plans i've started, but i've never finished one. i was thinking of joining total fitness notting tri club and was wondering if anyone knew anything about them???
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