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Recovery Drinks/Powders

Hi all, Any views on post workout recovery powders/drinks e.g. SiS Rego? How about some of the Maximuscle products?



  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    If you dont have time or opportunity for a decent meal, get this stuff.

    Otherwise stick to the real foods.

    Shakes are handy, but put some effort in proper foods. Use them as emergency solutions.

    Thats my opinion, you'll probably get multiple ones[;)]
  • krazycalkrazycal Posts: 45
    i have some sis and dont use it, it turns into blobs and wont disslove. If you want a recovery shake get some holland and barrets whey protein and blitz with milk and banana. Or just use milk powder. cheaper and probably nicer.

  • NickNick Posts: 66
    i like "for goodness shakes" milk drinks, nice and tasty.
  • gruffymaxgruffymax Posts: 21
    I use the Holland & Barrett Whey protein powder. I tend to have just one serving after a heavy workout, however it is important not to rely on them. They are 'Supplements' to real, decent food.
  • DomDom Posts: 2
    After a race I tend to use SIS recovery just to get something into me quickly to help recover, but when I've been on a long ride 3-4hrs, I tend to have Complan when I get back before my food. Complan is a good cheap alternative and contains practically the same nutrients!
  • jboyjboy Posts: 40
    yeah i've been wondering too about SIS drinks,

    more interested in drinks that i can use on the bike leg...electrolyes..carbs etc?

    i use go gels at the min which seem fine with water as a drink

    any advice drinks for the bike leg?
  • I have used both the Rego rapid and the Recovermax drinks one thing I have found is Recovermax causes you to drop bodyfat% but gain weight but rego increases weight and body fat % - probably something to do with the protein base constituents as Recovermax only contains whey.

    Recovermax also tastes nicer after a long ride

  • popeyepopeye Posts: 6
    I tend to use PHd Battery. I am pleased with the flavour, mixing and also the effect. I will try Maximuscle Viper after this batch so I can compare the two.

    The effect will differ between individuals so it may be best if you try some out yourself. Of course, it would make sense to use brands other people have found beneficial.

  • I've been using the high 5 recovery drink after long session (1.5+ hrs) and I've definitely noticed the improvement in how I feel the following day. Mixes well too.

    Jboy - I've been using the high 5 4:1 stuff again for long rides and it certainly keeps me going. You can get some free samples by the looks of things here. I've also used the SIS PSP22 and GO which also seem to do the job just as well, I just prefer the taste of the High 5 stuff.
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    mmmmmmmmmmm chocolate milk mmmmmmmmmmm
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Funny, and above all: very true.

    Choc milk is a great recov drink, it just misses those magical gloryfying slogans, that promise shaving off seconds with every sipp.[;)]
  • Guys

    give Accelerade and Endurox R4 a go.... one of the USA's leading brands and developed partly by, and used by, Dave Scott -so you are in good company! It is THE ORIGINAL 4:1 product and now available in the UK... see here http://www.tricentral.co.uk/categories/name/accelerade

  • Hi All

    I'm relativly new to triathlon and forums. I was feeling really tired after training - so dropped into my local health food shop and asked for advice.

    They recommended I try Sci-MX Rapid Recovery, it tastes good (orange) and works, I'm still feeling tired after training but I feel i've got more in the tank in next session. Also been recommended to use Enduro-Fuel for pre-workout carbs so will give that a try next month.

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