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220 forum melt-down

bennybenny Posts: 1,314
Hey all,

I really hated that forum being closed for the weekend![:@]

Now really,this isn't the time of year to have a break. Where could I go with all my questions???[8|]

How about all those training, resting, material and nutrition info that couldn't be reached by all us triathletes in need? This forced me togo out and do some extra workouts; all that extra free time you know. Now that could get me overtrained [X(].

Put your complaints in this thread, so the Admin won't dare to go on another lazy vacation next time[:D]

I bet Amy's gotten her one hell of a nice tan now though[;)] Don't leave us anymore[:D] Next thing you know, we might end up playing soccer in that extra time[:o] lol

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