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Who's fed up of niggling injuries?!

Hey guys

Have had a pile of clients come to me lately with niggling injuries, which so far as I can tell, could and should have been prevented!

Anyone suffer with any of these themselves? These guys have been struggling with knees and hips, and the odd lower back too.

What are your most common injuries/complaints/discomforts?


Andy ;-)


  • Im fed up too...
    Have an ongoing shoulder/neck injury from swimming, but its improving after a lot of visits to osteopath.
    Then theres lower leg problems...which seem ok for now.
    I put it down to old age & training! Up until 3 years ago I never really did sport...just rode horses a lot. I never had injuries....never even broken a bone!
    Now triathlon has taken over theres always an injury of some kind! :roll:
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