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Is Luc v Lierde (WR-holder IM Hawa•) getting dumped??

bennybenny Posts: 1,314
Luc van Lierde; for those who don't remember: he won Hawaï twice in the late nineties, setting new course record for WC IM, still standing to this very day.

The man announced before last IM Hawaï it would be his last one, with one year of local racing in Belgium to follow before his tri-retirement.

This triathlon-icon now struggles to find sponsorship, being a super triathlete for 20 years I find this so hard to beleive. Even Belgium government is in doubt to give him a contract,although they always promote sports like it's the most important thing for the youth(great, what a sharade)[:'(]

It's a shame our sports is underappreciated and that the great men of a hard endurance event get that little aknowledgement. The man will have to go look for a job, instead of doing it the football (or any other overrated sport) way: be good at it for a few years, retire at 33 and get a trainer job you don't know jack about, but pays astronomically too much.

Ok,anger fading now,....[:)]

Sorry to bother you with it, feel better now.[>:]


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    AndreAndre Posts: 103
    It's fair point Benny: for all the camaraderie that exists between the athletes, even when competing directly against one another, the sport lacks sufficient 'external' support.

    It's unfortunate, but I suspect that with Hawaii and the Olympics getting the most attention in our sport, sponsors are weary of anyone who takes the decision to not compete at those events. For van Lierde, having won multiple sports-personality awards, this can only add insult to injury.

    Perhaps you could try and employ him as your coach and personal trainer?
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Just updating an old thread I started; L vLierde found sponsors: The government gave him a contract for one last year. In return he has to promote sports to young people, to get them off their lazy .....

    He'll compete in IM Hawaï one last time, where he aims at one final top 10 spot.

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