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Pain Behind the Knee

In the last 4/5 weeks I've started increasing my bike distances and am now up to 60km's as I get ready for a 90km 70.3. Sadly I've now started getting pain right behind my knee and whilst I can't be certain it's definitely bike related, the timing coincides. I tought it may be seat height (which I was happy with) and have tried different heights but no let up with the pain.

My new bike, with all settings customed for my fitting, is on order and I'm hoping that may solve it, unless I have knee problems due to me "just being an old git". Has anyone else experienced this or have any thoughts??


  • Hi Paul

    I'm not a doctor and hence can't vouch for any of the following, but..

    I've previously had a pain on the outside/back of one knee after cycling. I googled it and later asked a Physio and both suggested that it might be because the cleat was slightly mis-aligned on my bike shoe (i.e. it made my toe point slightly too far to the right), meaning that the muscle/nerve/ligament (can't remember which) was being very slightly stretched/rubbing on the bone/cartilage as it passed the knee. The solution was to rotate the cleat on the shoe sole by a very small amount (i.e. couple of millimetres, not a centimetre).

    Hope this helps and that the description fits your pain - if not, then I can only recommend google and/or a physio/doctor....


  • KiwiPaulKiwiPaul Posts: 46
    Thanks Mike. I hadn't thought about the cleat positions. Actually it turns out they are identical so perhaps I need them to be different for each leg, who knows?? I'm off to the quack tomorrow for first diagnosis and referal for a MRI scan with fingers crossed.


  • This is interesting. i got a pain in my left leg in the area of my hamstring but right down near the ligament tie-in near the rear of the knee. I wonder if this is the same thing.

    I changed my cleats last week. I used a permanent marker to outline the old cleat an thought I was accurate. I did one brick session of 45 min bike 15 min run with no probs. Went out for a 4 hour ride on Sat (2 days later) and within a couple of miles felt a slight niggling feeling on the inside of my left thigh in the crook behind the knee cap. foolishly I carried on on my 72 mile loop. About half way it started to get painful but only when riding seated on inclines. No pain at all when spinning on flat/down hill or even on steep climbs where I had to stand.

    I realise now that I've been a fool by not stopping and have spent the last 48 hours 'RICE-ing'

    I have got an appointment with a sports injury specialist tomorrow morning. I'm 10 weeks out from my first IM in Lanzarote, supposed to be starting the 10 week peak phase of my training this week. I just hope I haven't crocked myself. I will be unbearable if i have to withdraw having been so dedicated to training over the last 20 weeks.

    So could your's be in the same area. Mine is def hamstring related rather than knee.
  • Went to see a physio this morning. He stated that it is tendonitus and will take 14 - 28 days to clear up.

    Been given a couple of stretches to do and told that I can swim using a pull buoy.

    I also checked out my cleats and found that although I'd traced around the old cleat, the new one was not exactly in the same place. It was out by 1-2 mm which could have made all the difference
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    I'm fully recovered of a similar injury since 2-3 weeks.

    I can advise you to apply ice friction, really good for the tendons (everywhere actually).

    I had to do it from my physio in between sessions at home.
  • KiwiPaulKiwiPaul Posts: 46
    Had my knee consultant appointment last night - after much prodding, pulling and discussion he didn't seem too concerned and thinks it may be hamstring related. However, he sent me for the inevitable scan to check it out for sure and am having that next week. He's a pretty practical bloke and has suggested I start training again on the bike trainer to see how it feels, rest a day to get the feedback etc and then increase the distance if OK. He's the same guy I saw two years ago for my other knee, which has a large cartlidge tear, and his view is that cartlidge is there for a reason so only cut it away as a last resort. Two years later and sound advice, so lets hope knee number 2 is the same!!
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