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Talkback: Kona: maturing in a fast way

Which is in complete contrast to the pro racers. Prior to 2011 when Crowie broke the course record for the men and Chrissie broke it for women, the records went back to 1996 (van Lierde) and 1992 (Newby-Fraser). This is despite massive improvements in kit, training and nutrition. Hopefully it proves that the age-group racing scene has historically been less tainted with dodgy practices than the pro scene.


  • Actually, Chrissie broke the women's course in 2009, but no-one had even got to within 10 minutes of Newby-Fraser's 1992 mark until Chrissie did in 2008. The same can be said of van Lierde's record with no man getting within 6 minutes of it until Alexander managed to shave a scant 12 seconds off.
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