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Hey there!

I am a runner who can't swim, and doesn't own a bike, but I've recently read two books that will probably end up changing my fitness and my life forever.

Firstly I read Finding Ultra by Rich Roll, and then Can't Swim, Can't Ride, Can't Run by Andy Holgate. I found both books to be briliantly inspirational, and they've not only helped with my running, but motivated me to want to add swimming and cycling into my life and train for triathlons.

Adapting to my new training is going to test my shaky resolve, so I am hoping there are some more books of a similar ilk (or training books) that might get me through the cold, dark Winter mornings in East Cheshire.

Any recommendations would be gratefully received.



  • A book I've used and I think other people would strongly recommend is 'Total Immersion' by Terry Laughlin. It gives advice on body position and how to achieve it, swim drills and plenty of training plans.

    Good luck with it all.

  • When in training mode, I like to read anything sport related.  Try "Born to Run", "Running with the Kenyans" and any sporting biographies out there.  I just read Tyler Hamilton's book, which was scary and Chrissie Wellington's, which was inspirational!

  • SkettySketty Posts: 24

    I second 'Born to Run' as a great book.

    Another inspirational book on running is 'Feet in the Clouds: A Tale of Fell Running and Obsession by Andy Askwith'. I thought Ironmen were tough, wait until you have read this book! Ironman would be a gentle warm up for some of these guys. I thought Ultra Running was relatively new....not so. Bob Graham Round - 65 to 72 miles with 27000 feet of climbing and some of these nutters run it twice in succession.


  • SkettySketty Posts: 24

    Ha Ha Ha, I'll eat my words. I think the Double Bob Graham Round would be a nice warmup for the 30 Irons in 30 days I've just read on Page 17 of issue 293.

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