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Boardman Air - IronMan?

Hello All, does anybody have any experience of using a Boardman Air (9.4) on an ironman course - Wales in particular.  Im buying a new bike this year and have IM Wales entered at the end of the year.  Im wondering of the suitability / comfort of this bike on a 112 mile course. My other alternative is a Giant TCR Advanced.  Anybody any opinions or experience?  Thanks everybody.


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    I have done Long Course weekend a few times and IM wales once. First time around I used my TT bike, every other time I used my road bike. I think this boils down to how good a cyclist you are and your preference.

    Although I enjoyed the course on both bikes, you spend so much time going up hill, I just found it easyier to play with gears on the road bike. For me there was no speed advantage being on a TT bike, plus you spend so much time sat up because of the hills, you may as well be as comfortable as possible. Although my TT is very comfortable, it still isn't as comforatble as my road bike.

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