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Trek Domane 2.0 vs Madone 2.1

Hi All

 I've signed up for Ironman Wales 2014 and using the cycle to work scheme i've narrowed it down to the Domane 2.0 with Tiagra groupset or the Madone 2.1 with 105,which one,if either! would be suitable?

 Any advice greatly received.




  • Hi Rick,

    Ultimately, in this case, I reckon it comes down to which you prefer. Both are good bikes, both made from the same aluminium, but the Domane has the bonus of the 'decoupler' on the seattube/toptube junction which means the ride will probably be a little more comfortable. 

    Having said that (if it's the two models I'm thinking of) you'll get 105 on the Madone and Tiagra on the Domane. Even with the remodelled Tiagra for 2014, I'd personally prefer 105, which is a really good groupset. You'll also get slightly racier geometry from the Madone, which will be useful if you're planning on sticking some clip-on bars on – I'm guessing that's the plan if you're going for Ironman Wales?

    Have you had a chance to see either in the flesh or ride either? I think the differences between the two are very small, and giving both a ride might be the only way to really establish which you like best. 


  • rickrick Posts: 4

    Hi Mike

      Thanks for the reply.

     I went for the Madone in the end (its opposite me leaning against my living room wall  ) It was the 105 that swung it,just feel it'll be more reliable come the day, plus in all the training that'll be involved.

    Had them side by side in the shop for around 2 hours umming and ahhing! 

    Just need to get out and put the miles in now 



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