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Canyon bike?

Hi, I am going to buy a new bike and amongst many, have been looking at a canyon - I have between £2 and £2.5 k to spend. Does anyone have any experience of these? Or can offer any advice?


  • A friend of mine has bought one and he's very happy with it.

    His only concern was paying for it as they nearly took two payments!!!!
  • Hi, I bought a CF SLX 2 years ago, i am very happy with, no problems. Good value as in their sale. I found their sizing software to be confusing, they must have updated it as it suggested a 56cm frame one time and later on a 54cm, using the same rider dimensions. I erred on the cautious side and went with what was closest to my most recent bike. I would suggest having a good idea of what you currently ride to get the right size frame. Their is a wide range of adjustability in the seat clamp so I was able to get positioned ok.

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