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LindsLinds Posts: 124
I don't know how to put this politely, but they can be right pillocks.

Went to a couple bike shops over the weekend to look at some budget/starter bikes. I clearly stated that I only wanted to spend £250 - £300 max (actually I only want to spend £200 - £250 but all their bikes started at £300) as quite frankly I don't know if I’m going to enjoy Tri and may not use the bike ever again.

I was told in no uncertain terms not to even bother with such a cheap/basic/rubbish bike and that I needed to spend at least £400, but £500 would be better.

Fair enough, but they then totally ignored the "cheap" bike and would only talk about the £400+ bikes.

I walked out of both shops when they wouldn't talk about their budget bikes, despite me asking loads of questions about them.

Don't these people listen/understand that we don't all want/afford a £400 bike and that perhaps a £250 bike would be more suitable.

I was so excited at going bike shopping that they could probably have quite easily taken £350 off me for a bike, helmet, spares etc. but they were only interested in bragging about their £2000+ carbon fibre bikes and sneering at me. You'd have thought any sale at the end of the financial year would have been imprtant, no matter how "small".

Are there any bike shops in the Bristol area that are "understanding" to people (pikeys) who don't have much money to spend on a bike, but would still like to be taken reasonably seriously.

Sorry - just needed to get that off my chest !


  • dee999dee999 Posts: 41
    hi linds!

    i know where your coming from! i hate getting ripped off too!!

    i dont know if you are interested in using mail order, but i use www.ashcycles.com, (tel;0208 5240063)

    i bought my giant scr3 (ladies) road bike last year- and got it £100 cheaper than my own giant shop could get it for! (i am away to order a giant mountain bike from them today too!), the service i received was fab-i received my bike within 2 days, and they come fully assembled, and postage is included in the price!

    i found these on their page that might interest you-

    Dawes giro 200 (2008)

    entry model road racer, 14 speed shimano gears- rrp 199.99 and they are selling it for 167.00,

    Saracen Zenith (2007)- RRP 349.99 NOW 245.99

    DAWES GIRO 300 (08)- RRP 299.99, NOW 251.99

    [:)]Hope this helps you in your quest...... my hubby and i took up tris last year, i bought a £150 road bike (has tube shifter gears....not very handy, but i didnt know much about bikes, and it did me for the first couple of tris!), hubby bought a geriatric peugeot road bike (huge!) for £40- after we decided to buy better bikes, we got measured at bike shop, and were shocked to see that we were riding bikes far too big for us!!!( get measured somewhere if poss before parting with your cash!!)

    i was also told-a cheap bike is just as good as an expensive one-it is only as good as the person pedalling!!...dont feel pressurised into blowing a fortune!!!

    good luck![:D]
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi,Dee is right,get measured or at least look at some of the bike company websites which have size charts that correspond with leg length ,height etc,once you know your size take your time it is your hard earned cash after all,but as the taste is in the pudding ask for a trial ride, two bikes of the same size from different company's can feel a whole lot different.If it is just the possibilty of a once only attempt,see if there is a local club,some running clubs have a tri section and with most members being gear freaks will have a collection of bikes so ask nicely and there may be a bike for your size that they would be willing to lend,no cost except for a pint and a bottle,there is no harm in asking.(I am really a stingy Northerner with short arms and deep pockets and if you can get by without paying,particularly if there is a chance of not using it again).

    I agree there are alot of idiots in cycle shops but there are a number of very good ones.All the best.
  • I'm a newbie and got myself a £250 racer and it's fine for training and my first tri.

    I'm hooked and looking to upgrade and wish I'd spent a bit more first time round. If you're really unsure why not get measured and look at a second hand bike from ebay or similar. That way you won't have wasted too much money if you find it's not for you.

    It can get a bit disheartening when you're flogging yourself on your basic alloy framed number and someone flies past barely breaking sweat and pedalling at half the cadience.
  • lowther76lowther76 Posts: 74
    Just wanna say that Bee Line bikes in Oxford are a really good shop and they are gonna lend me a Cervelo soloist team for a day or more to test out on a proper ride - I cant wait! [:)] Only thing then is to scrape the money together!

    The internet is fine but i think It also pays to build up a rapore with a local bike shop for local business and also to get service etc you can trust. I have been in numerous times at last minute and got stuff done super fast cause they know me in there.

    They also quite often match or better the likes of Wiggle to get the business.
  • gaterz1981gaterz1981 Posts: 233
    Bike shops advise whats best for both you and your money, if you want to spend small amounts to test the water then get second hand or mail order.

    I got myself a cheap SCR 4 for a winter hack, am on my second set of wheels, second rear cartridge bearing and 100th gear adjustment. But it was only £300 at the time, buy cheap and you'll buy twice.

    Advising you to spend a bit more is just a polite way of saying the bike your looking up will break up above 30 or seize up when wet.

  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I agree with gaterez "cheap is dear" the hard fact is that unless you happen to be very small or very big and can therefore get suitable bike in the sales, a decent bike costs at least 500 quid. It is possible to get cheaper bikes that are adequate, but you could have a major search. Linds, accept the fact that you are getting into a competitive sport, no matter what level you are aiming at, the bike under you should be safe, comfortable and (dare I say it in this present climate of everyones a winner) it should be competitive. I think you would be far better off getting a lend of a half decent bike to try triathlon out rather than waste money on a bike less than 400 quid - even buy a secondhand decent bike rather than a brand new scrapheap.
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Altho not from Bristol, I have visited & know the main bike shops in town, obviously I was not there for the conversation, but I would be surprised if all they were trying to do was sell up & get more cash out of you. Local bike shops are your best friend as mentioned when things go belly up, they do not like picking up the pieces after you have milked them for free advice, bought on e bay & ended up with a nail that needs fixing....they will charge every time for that..if its their bike, they may well do it cheaply or free if it is a quick job. I recall hearing once that there is a bigger difference between a £400 & a £500 bike than a £900 & a £1000 bike. So whilst you can have a £3000 bike & 50p legs, it will still be rideable at the end of the season, a £300 bike may not.

    As mentioned find a tri club, someone is bound to be upgrading & flogging a bike 1 or 2 or more years old, raced, but cared for..service history & probably a local bike store link thrown in.
  • LindsLinds Posts: 124
    I would love to spend more on the bike (and I know a cheap bike may cost more in the long term) but, A) I can't justify the additional cost at the moment and B) can't afford it !

    I have been looking at second hand bikes, but as sad as this may sound I would love to buy a new bike as I think there is something special about taking a brand new bike/car/skateboard out for the first time - and it certainly doesn’t happen very often for me.

    I am going to persevere with the local bike shops, as I would much rather support a local shop than an internet company or high street chain - if they can get somewhere near the internet prices.

    Cheers for the thoughts/comments
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Look for New year bargains when shops sell off last years models,which are really just new colour schemes,you can get some nice bargains either through reduced price or extras added on.
  • gaterz1981gaterz1981 Posts: 233
    My first bike was £200 (2nd hand), just over a year down the line i have sold my car (pride and joy), cycle everyday and own a bike for every occasion. Triuk.com do bike rentals for £100 a season. they deliver it and stuff.
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Change of season is always a good time to buy kit...autumn is great for bikes as the next years ranges are being shipped so 'old' stock needs to go. Now is a good time to shop for winter type kit..believe it or not spring is in the air & summer ranges are hitting the shops, last seasons runners are often about too..all there is is a change of color quite often.
  • Hi Linds,

    How tall are you? Your welcome to borrow my specilized allez sport for a couple of months until you establish whether you enjoy tri enough to justify investing in a bike.

    All for the price of a beer in my belly!!!

  • LindsLinds Posts: 124

    Blimey that's one hell of a generous offer thank you. I'm 6' tall and have a 33" (ish) inside leg.

    I'll drop you a PM with my e-mail/contact details

    Thanks again


    Bristol newbie wrote:

    Hi Linds,

    How tall are you? Your welcome to borrow my specilized allez sport for a couple of months until you establish whether you enjoy tri enough to justify investing in a bike.

    All for the price of a beer in my belly!!!


  • Hi Linds,

    My email is [email protected] send me your mobile number and I'll give you a call regarding the bike.



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