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Tri False advertising!!

I have heard it said that Triathlon has a fourth discipline, being the transitions. but i discovered last night whilst trying on my newly purchased wetsuit that there is actually a fifth discipline also!

It was a nightmare doing up the zip, requiring my wife to pull the two sides together whilst i pulled the zipper up with the string, we were both exhausted!

i actually questioned that i had the correct size but once the zip was done up it actually fitted perfectly!

is this normal or is there a knack? if so im gonna have to add this to my training sessions!


  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Ah yes, the preswim wrestling match with the wetsuit. I have to give myself 15min at least. Its supposed to be tight, but I do wonder sometimes. Best idea is to get the zip up and fitting as well as you can in the dry and when you get in the water, get some wter into the sleeves, legs ad neck, then it'll be much easier to get it just right. Just means getting in the water asap before a race/swim.
  • A bit of bodyglide or similar helps, it certainly helps getting the thing off again.
  • pippip Posts: 170
    K Y jelly works a treat for sliding things in nice and easy.............. Ooooops wrong forum
  • This won't help with the zip,

    but try putting your feet in super market plastic shopping bags before putting the wetsuit on, your feet glide through the wet suit then simply take off the bags.
    you can feel good about re-using an otherwise single use plastic consumable.
  • gasgasgasgas Posts: 21
    thanks for the tips guys, i need to get some lube!

    just one more question how should the wetsuit fit around the legs ie. should the wetsuit cover the ankle or should it fit further up the calf? i have seen alot of pics with the legs being sligtly shorter whereas mine is almost ankle length?

    cheers, james.
  • Some people cut their wetsuits shorter on the leg.

    Obviously this has the potential for a right cluster so don't do it.

    Wear it as its made for a bit

    I remember going on a training day that covers all this kinda stuff... And a long distance training day by some elite sports coach, IM and coach to the stars.... Then he set up a Tri club, buggered off to the states to have a go at going Pro and blagged his way to some properly nice new kit.

    Some say if you cut him he bleeds liquid carbon fibre............... And he is controlled by the same components as Di2.......... He's the Coneheaded one.
  • ARobinettARobinett Posts: 35
    Wetsuit fitting- it's better to get the suit a great fit around your body and have the legs as a variable. My wetsuit legs and arms are on the short side but the body fits great as I look like a cartoon person made from pipe cleaners.
    As said above, some people do cut the legs shorter on their suits and around the neck too sometimes- i'd never take scissors to mine as the potential for expensive balls ups is far far too large.
  • Race1Race1 Posts: 58
    WRT doing the zip up. I find that if I push my shoulders back and inwards. I can normally do the zip up fine.

    Obviously it takes a while to get the thing on. But I was advised to make sure the knees and crotch are in the right place first. The rest shuld be easier then. Oh and ditto on "Bodyglide" or tbh just baby oil.
  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168
    HI All

    Here is a good resource for putting on your wetsuit!


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