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Shimano gearing explained pleased!

Im looking for a CX bike & there are several to choose from. However, I'm confused on the gearing & what size the chain ring should be etc. What order are they in terms of quality? I know 105 is ok & thats my limit!!


  • Hi,

    Cyclocross typically involves a slightly different mix of components than road riding, and Shimano do thier own 'cross-specific stuff. The brakes, crankset and front derailleur are different. You can see it here:


    In terms of groupset hierarchy, it goes (from the bottom up) 2300, Claris, Sora, Tiagra, 105, Ultegra, Ultegra Di2, Dura Ace, Dura Ace Di2. 

    In terms of chainrings, 'cross bikes have far smaller rings on the front than road bikes. Usually something like 46/36t or similar. At the back, it's usually similar to a road cassette, but with something bigger at the top, like 12-29. But you'll need to make sure that you're rear derailleur can handle something that big. Most standard rear derailleurs can handle up to about 12-28. 

  • Thats just what I needed! Thanks very much 

  • SRAM Apex are pretty good 'cross wise though I have a mixture on mine, mainly because the bottom bracket is a GXP press fit, thus an Apex chainset was required.

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