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Bike advice please...

Hi all!  I'm really hoping you can help me... I need a new bike!  My budget is (hopefully!) £1500... but I've recently fallen in love with the Cervelo S5 or the Felt AR5 (both slightly above my price range)... 

Please could anyone offer advice as to whether either is worth the added financial strain  Or... even better - suggest an alternative?

Oh yes - I do Ironman events, and looking to do a couple short courses next year

Would be SO grateful!  Thanks a mil 


  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    Hi IJ13,

    Those are some pretty bikes...

    Coming back to earth (bump), our reviewers have rated Trek's Speed Concept 2.5 very highly and it's bang on your budget at £1.5k.

    Here's the review:


    All the best,

    Jamie, Digital Editor, 220 Triathlon

  • IJ13IJ13 Posts: 4

    Awesome!  Thanks a million Jamie  I've also since found the Cube Agree SLT (RRP £2099, but 2013 model at £1499)

    You/anyone(?!) have any thoughts on the Cube please?  

    ... off to check out the Trek!  

    Thanks again

  • IJ13IJ13 Posts: 4

    Jamie - just checked it out, and well... it's opened doors to more requests for advice!!  It's a TT bike, whereas the Cervelo S5, Felt AR5 and Cube SLT are all road bikes...  I think a road bike is more where I'm at at the moment (more versatile... sportives/general riding/long distance comfort!)... but, again - your thoughts would be great!  Thanks again

  • Hi, if you can hold on until the middle of December get a 2014 Felt AR5. It is an awesome bike, I appreciate it is £1800 but thats a £200 drop on 2013 rrp and you get a brand new frame which is absolutely spectacular. Failing that you could look at something like an Orbea Orca Bronze with 105 (olympic and grand tour stage winning geometry, great brand with superb development) for £1499 for the 2014 spec. Essentially, test out as many as you can - go into shops, try bikes, get advice.  


    Get it from a local bike shop too, you will get far far more service (bike fitting, servicing options) than you will with online + you have warranty on store purchases. 

  • IJ13IJ13 Posts: 4

    Awesome - thanks for the info/advice... Can't lie, I'm in love with Felt... only thing is (and I think its 'minor')  The Cube I'm looking at has Ultegra components for £1499 (rrp £2099), whereas the Felt has 105's for £300 more... would you say that the Felt is a better buy than the Cube?  (I know nothing about Cube!)

    Thanks again

  • I have a Cube Agree GTC Race (similar to the Cube bike your looking at)  Had nothing but problems with it. New front & rear mech fitted / front wheel re-built re & my rear wheel is currently in Holland being examined for faults. Wouldn't mind if it was a 3year old bike but I've had it less than 6 months & only done 500miles on it.

    The LBS I purchased from have been great  with trying to resolve the problems but when I contacted the Cube aera sales rep to take matters further he couldn't give me a toss . Currently my £1800 Carbon framed road bike is lying in my kitchen minus a rear wheel & has been for 6 weeks.

    Would never buy another Cube bike in my life

  • As an individual Ive never understood the benefit in buying 'cheap'. Cheap is so so different from good value and the quality you get in terms of ride, responsiveness, comfort and lifespan of a product comes from the materials it is made from, the development thats gone into it and it shows with the quality of riders on the bikes and the results they kick out.

    Having ridden the 2014 felt AR it is astonishing. Yes it is worth the extra money but I appreciate the point about cost. I would always advise customers on a budget to buy the frame they can afford and look to upgrade components later, after all, they will wear out after time - you dont want to have to replace the frame because that is what gives the feel and enjoyment of riding the bike. 

    In response to the poster above, 'rovers01254' it sounds like those problems arent necessarily with Cube products but possibly Shimano as they are mech and wheel issues. 

  • James8011James8011 Posts: 44

    With all bikes the test is in your ride, what I mean is the bike handles differently rider to rider, age, flexibility, injuries that unnoticeable etc etc.

    cervelo if the cube is gone, 

    Cube are a German company and value for money. Felt recalled most of their bikes this year except for the UK market  read in to it as you will.  


    And wait for the prices to drop normally from september

  • Thats categorically untrue about Felt. They recalled 3 models of bike from over 5 years ago which were only sold in the USA - 220triathlon pedalled the wrong information on that one.

    Worth saying that nobody mentioned when Boardman, Specialized, Focus etc recalled in 2012 for frame issues.

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