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The Dark Months

Hi all

Now we are in to the dark months. Cold damp etc. How do you keep focused on keeping in shape. Getting some training in.

Do you change your fitness routine to take in winter sports. Do you spend these months hidden in the Gym or down the swimming pool.

Just trying to get some idea of what other good fellow triathlon folk do this time of year to get through the winter and come out next year with some reasonable fitness.

Many thanks and kindest regards



  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    Hi Tri Fly,

    This is a question many readers have at this time of year.

    Our Training section (here) has lots of advice on the best winter training strategies, including how to maximise your pool time, five turbo training sessions, and the benefits of running indoors.

    We have also spoken to a number of pro athletes recently and asked them for their winter training tips, including Tim Don and Rachel Joyce.

    We'll continue to add more training articles and pro tips to our website over the course of the dark months.

    Finally, check out the magazine for lots of top winter training advice: this month's issue (on sale now) includes a big feature on how to train smart this winter.

    Hope this helps,

    Jamie Beach, Digital Editor – 220 Triathlon

  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280

    No different really Swim Bike Run Gym all year round apart from a 2-3 week break at end of season.

    Might do a bit more Turbo work in Winter if weather prevents me going out on bike.

  • I'm a bit weird and actually prefer winter training in some ways... I love running on crisp, cold mornings. Plus running in the dark always makes you feel like you're going faster

    Running aside, winter's a great time to try something new before the serious 2014 training starts. How about some off-road running or cycling to mix things up?

  • TimBTimB Posts: 3

    The winter is a great opportunity to work on your weaknesses. Reflect on your last year - where were you weak, where were you strong? For me, it's the running, so I will be focussing on my run technique - mixing up offroad running, hills, track sessions and long, easy runs, interspersed with some winter races to see how I'm doing and add some interest!

    Focus on what you can do, rather than what you can't: swim a lot and improve your technique; run offroad (it's more fun that plugging the roads, anyway); get good base miles in on the bike at the weekend if you can. Mountain biking or cyclo-cross are a great alternative. If you can't get out and can't face the turbo, go to a spin class. Get in the gym and do strength work, especially remembering your core. 

    Finally, be flexible with your plan - if you'd planned a long bike on a Saturday but the weather is bad, move it to the Sunday (or vice versa). If you've planned a 3hr long ride but are starting to get cold (or wet) after one, ride home rather than get injured, ill or start to hate cycling so you won't go out again! 

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