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Too Much?: 1st Marathon and Oly Tri


I have done 4 sprint triathlons over last two years and a half marathon this year (2013). For next year I would like to do a full marathon and Olympic tri. Trouble enough however preferred events are 3 weeks apart.

I did half Marathon in 1:55 and next marathon is also flat (mostly the same course in my hometown). No aspirations for times for either event just completing without too much pain and setting a benchmark for future.

 is this schedule realistic for newbie? (6months to train) Any advise on Training plans.

Many thanks


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    No problem doing both within 3 weeks. Focus on the tri training and let the marathon sort itself out

    Would strongly suggest doing the tri first if you can as running causes a lot of damage to leg tissues which won't be fully recovered in 3 weeks & you need those legs for the bike & run

    Don't expect any off the shelf training plans for what you want to do so get a standard distance one for tri and work to that. In addition I'd strongly recommend gym based leg strength work and a weekly core strength class. As you say time isn't important which is just as well looking at your half marathon time so you may need to work on nutrition strategies to get you through both races

    Hope this helps


  • Thanks HarryD, will definitely look into leg strengthening and maintain a core class I do.

    Nutrition is something i've avoided previously as I have a dodgy stomach with some foods. I've made do previously on water, the odd energy drink and nutrigrain bars.I will have to research and trial better options.

  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425


    Water; in competition or training drink freely to satisfy your thirst (having looked at all the research this is basically what the American College of Sports Medicine recommend) . Don't drink in anticipation of thirst or because the drinks company's tell you to. Dehydration is over rated. Hyperhydration can be fatal.

    Energy drinks; as above. A very heavy and bulky way to get carbs in - guaranteed dodgy stomach

    Energy/ bars; OK for training bike rides but not for running or competition unless its a walk/jog one

    Gels; expensive way of getting carbs but for most there are no stomach issues and with the isotonic ones no need to glug down lots of water (see above). May need to try different brands to find which work best with you

    Pre-race; Can be very important. Experiment with various foods and the mix of carbs and proteins to find out which delays the bonk. Earlier this year I did a weeks cycling in Slovenia and each morning had the full continental buffet breakfast. I rode between 85km (+1500m climb) and 115km (+2400m climb) each day with only a coffee and 0.75 litres of water to keep me going. I was strong to the very end. Shows what a good breakfast can do

    Hope this helps


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